WinPAW Adventure Writing System

Latest version of WinPaw is:

  • 6.2

For Betas greater than 2 and non-betas, an upgrade will be provided which will upgrade from any version with a lower number.

Some updates will not be put on the If-Archive. They will only be here. So watch the version numbers shown above the links below.

An explanation of Complete and Update versions:

  • Complete versions should only be installed if you have never installed WinPaw before. You also have to install the MDAC files mentioned below before you do the install of WinPaw. If you install a Complete of a version, you do not have to install the Update of the same version.
  • Update versions should only be installed if you have previously installed a Complete version.

The ZIP files for 6.x will be here, with copies at the in the programming/quill directory as soon as possible.

If you prefer to download from an IF-Archive site closer to you, use one of the mirror sites below and go to the programming/quill directory. The IF-archive is mirrored

    in the USA:

    Version 6.x

    NOTE: The last complete update here was August 12, 2006. If-archive files may take a few more days to get updated.
    Occasionally, the most current version of the HTML Help files for WinPaw will not be packaged with the IDE and/or Engine. Below is a link to the HTML Help for WinPaw.

    Microsoft Files Required

    • Download Microsoft MDAC 2.5 (7.8MB)
      These should be installed before the Engine or IDE or you will get an error on those installs.
    • With Beta 3 and later, hhupd.exe will not be required, since the required executable is included in the IDE and Engine.

    WinPaw Games

    • Download The Ticket (3.5 MB) This is an OLD version of the WinPaw database. If it will not convert correctly using the current version of WinPaw, get the snapshot.
    • Download The Ticket snapshot. (30K) If you have any of the emulators which take Z80 files, you can play 'The Ticket' using the original PAW Engine. Or you can get UnPaws21 (below), Decompile it using the IDE, and import it into WinPaw and play it there.
    • My Quill & Paw Snapshots page has hundreds of snapshots of Quill and PAW games which can be decompiled and imported into WinPaw and played.
    • The Snapshots page will eventually also have WinPaw databases which will be playable using the WinPaw Engine.

    The Decompilers (UnQuill and UnPaws)

    • UnPaws 2.1.1 (supports Quill snapshots).
    • UnQuill 0.10.1
    • NOTE1: UnPaws 1.1 and greater support graphics. UnPaws 2.1 and greater are the only versions of UnPaws fully supported by WinPaw. (UnPaws 2.0 supports Quill snapshots).
    • NOTE2: UnQuill 0.8.5 and above are the only versions of UnQuill which are supported by WinPaw.